MCP: dns-org-cubik-prompt

Package name: dns-org-cubik-prompt
Version: 1.0

Server to Client

dns-org-cubik-prompt-is prompt: "whatever the prompt is>"
The client should present this prompt at/near/in its text input area, in whatever way it chooses. Trailing whitespace should be ignored.
(Note: See tinyfugue, MudWalker and the CGMud Java client for examples of ways to display prompts.)
The prompt should be used for all further input until it is changed.
The prompt should indicate what type of input is currently expected (if it's not normal command input) or, if MCP is being retrofitted on a Diku mud, status information.
"> "
"[localhost:~] %"
"100H 40M 2V> "

Client to Server

Requests that the server resend the prompt, in case the client forgot it for some reason. This should rarely be needed.

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